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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by NISA Internet and Computer Solutions Limited.


"The Client" The company, organisation or individual requesting the services of NISA Internet and Computer Solutions Limited.
”NISA” NISA Internet and Computer Solutions Limited.


1. General
NISA will provide the Client with a written quotation based on the Client's requirements. Changes to the Client's requirements at any time may result in amendments to the initial quotation. The Client will be notified of any such changes prior to NISA carrying out any additional work. NISA will carry out work only where an agreement has been provided either by email, telephone or mail. Placement of an order by the Client, instruction to proceed or advance payment constitutes agreement to and acceptance of NISA's Terms and Conditions.

2. Website Design
Whilst every endeavor will be made to ensure that the website and any scripts or programs are error free, NISA cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction of the website or any part of it. NISA reserve the right to refuse to handle material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or controversial. NISA will backup all files necessary to recreate the Client's website. This does not apply to files created as a result of data input or data created by the Client's website visitors.

3. Website Amendments
NISA will make every effort to complete website amendments and additions requested by the Client in a timely and efficient manner. NISA will advise the Client in advance of any additional charges that may result from website amendments or additions.

4. Website Hosting
NISA will provide website hosting for all websites it creates and will make every effort to ensure that service is available at all times. NISA will not create websites to be hosted separately by the Client or by a third party. NISA does not accept liability for loss of turnover, sales, revenue or any consequential loss caused by the interruption or unavailability or the malfunction of the hosting service it provides. While NISA will make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of the hosting it provides, guarantees cannot be given that the hosting will be free from unauthorised users and NISA will be under no liability for undelivered or for any other failure of email.

5. Search Engine Registration
NISA will submit the hosted domain to major search engines throughout the term of the hosting contract however although NISA aims to achieve increased visibility and high search engine rankings for the hosted domain, it cannot guarantee search engine placements.

6. Domain Name Registration
NISA cannot guarantee the availability of domain names requested by the Client. Domain names registered in the name of NISA on behalf of the Client will remain the property of NISA. Domain names registered by NISA in the name the Client remain the property of the Client. NISA cannot provide warranty that a domain name registered on behalf of the Client does not infringe the rights of a third party. NISA will not release a domain to another provider unless payment for that domain has been received in full. Late payment of domain name renewal fees may result in loss of the domain name which may affect email and any website associated with the domain. NISA will make every effort to ensure the Client is invoiced in good time when a domain name is due for renewal. NISA accepts no responsibility for the loss of a domain name howsoever caused. The Client is advised to monitor when domain name renewals are due and ensure payment is received by NISA in good time.

7. Copyright
All website design, graphics, text, source code, scripts, functionality, software and all other material on a website created by NISA are copyright NISA and will remain the property of NISA at all times. Any use of materials on a website created by NISA may not be copied, resold, modified, reprinted, published, translated, hosted or otherwise distributed by any means by either the Client or any third party without the prior written consent of NISA. Materials specifically provided by the Client, for example logos or textual content, are copyright the Client. NISA will not take responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials submitted by the Client.

8. Payment
Invoiced payments must be received in full and in any event within 30 days of the invoice date. NISA may request a deposit from the Client before work commences. NISA reserves the right to delete a website or suspend or withdrawal its services until full payment has been received. Late payments may result in additional charges or termination at NISA's discretion.

9. Privacy
NISA will hold the Client's personal data securely and will use it solely for the purpose of carrying out business with the Client. NISA will not pass personal data to any third party unless required to do so by law.

10. Cancellation
NISA or the Client can terminate or cancel NISA's services at any time providing 30 days written notice is given. If applicable, the Client will be invoiced for all work undertaken up to the point of termination. All payments received by NISA are nonrefundable. The website design, graphics, text, source code, scripts, functionality, software and all other material on the website, unless provided by the Client, are copyright NISA protected by copyight law and remain the property of NISA and will not be transferred to the Client or a third party at any time.

11. Disclaimer
NISA reserves the right to revise its Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.


If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions please do not hesitate to us or email